This is basic and compulsory cover

Types of Motor vehicle Insurance

  1. I. Comprehensive Cover –Covers your vehicle against third party liability(s), fire, and theft and accidental damage.
  2. II. Third party cover –It covers your vehicle against third party(s) liability
    • Private vehicle
    • Commercial vehicle e.g General Goods Carrying, General Cartage, Trailers, Oil tankers.
    • Public service vehicles i.e Daladala, taxis, private hire and tour operators


It covers any damage to the whole or part of the property described in the schedule, owned by the insured; loss must be caused by fire

Types of Fire Insurance

  1. I. Domestic Package - Domestic Contents – Covers loss or damage to contents of private dwelling house resulting from fire and related perils of theft.
  2. II. Commercial Buildings - Covers any loss or damage to the building against fire and other specified perils.


Covers against the risk faced by ongoing construction projects, installation projects and machines and equipment in project operation. These include;

  1. Contractors all Risk
  2. Contractors plant and machinery
  3. Machinery Breakdown
  4. Electronic Equipment
  5. Loss of profits following machinery breakdown


This product protects the insured individual or an organization against the costs resulting from suits the third party may institute against them. The insured is protected from various activities as seen for the below classes

  1. Public Liability
  2. Professional Indemnity
  3. Directors and Office Liability


Benefits of the cover

  1. Covers for loss of passport, driving license, national identity card abroad
  2. Emergency return home following death of a close family member
  3. Legal defense while abroad
  4. Medical treatment and hospitalization
  5. Compensation for delays in the arrival of luggage and delayed departure


Personal accident-For Individual

The cover is against death or bodily injury i.e permanent total disablement and temporary total disablement N.B Death or injury should be directly cause by an accident involving the insured

Group Personal Accident (GPA)

This cover is usually arranged by employer for the employees


An insurance cover provided to low income earners from different groups of entrepreneurs under Solidarity Group Lending (SGL). Cover of this product is under National Health Insurance Fund, so our clients can receive health services all over the country.