Integrity account is a Special Savings Account designed to give real savers an additional interest. It is tailor made and enables you to save for special milestones in life such as holiday at your dream destination, wedding, school fees for your children at best schools or colleges, constructions ...

Integrity Account may be operated by;

  1. Individuals.
  2. Companies.
  3. Sole Proprietors.
  4. Learning Institutions.
  5. Religious Institutions.
  6. Societies, Clubs and Associations.

What Integrity Account offers you?

  1. Very attractive interest rate of up to 5% per annum.
  2. Minimum Opening balance of Tzs.50,000/=
  3. Minimum operating balance of Tzs.50,000/=
  4. No monthly maintenance fees.
  5. Maximum investment amount unlimited.
  6. One withdrawal per quarter without losing Interest.
  7. Allows immediate borrowing up to 90% of your savings.
  8. You will always be looked after with a dedicated MKCB officer.
  9. The more the balance in the account, the higher the rate of interest offered.

What you need to have Integrity Account?

  1. Valid identification document of account signatory.
  2. 2 coloured Passport size photographs for the account signatory.
  3. Physical evidence of premises e.g. Utility bills, tenancy agreement or letter of introduction from local Government authorities.

* Terms and condition apply

Please visit or contact your nearest Mkombozi branch or you call us on our number – 0800 750 040 to learn more on what we can do for you