Fixed Deposit Account is a guaranteed high returns account which offers a highly competitive interest rate for money kept away for a fixed amount of time. Access to customers' funds before maturity may be accommodated through written cancellation notice which will automatically forfeit interest.

Fixed Deposit Account may be operated by;

  1. Individuals.
  2. Companies.
  3. Sole Proprietors.
  4. Learning Institutions.
  5. Religious Institutions.
  6. Societies, Clubs and Associations.

What Fixed Deposit Account offers you?

  1. Attractive interest rate.
  2. It is available on both local and foreign currencies.
  3. Guaranteed fixed return over a fixed period of time.
  4. Allow immediate borrowing up to 80% of your savings.
  5. You will be looked after, at all times with personalized service from a dedicated MKCB officer.
  6. Flexible choice of time duration for your investment-invest from one month, three months, six months, nine months, twelve months or more than a year.

What you need to have Fixed Deposit Account?

  1. Valid identification documents of account signatory.
  2. 2 coloured Passport size photographs for the account signatory.

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