A non interest bearing transaction account which is designed to provide customers with convenient to their funds through issuing cheques.It is available on both local and foreign currencies giving you freedom to choose the currency that best suits your business needs.

Current Account may be operated by;

  1. Individuals.
  2. Companies.
  3. Sole Proprietors.
  4. Religious Institutions.
  5. Learning Institutions.
  6. Societies, Clubs and Associations.

What MKCB Current Account offers you?

  1. Facilitates Trade Finances.
  2. Unrestricted cash and cheque deposits and withdrawals.
  3. SMS alerts to monitor the transactions done on the account.
  4. Easy to secure loans from MKCB with deposits as collateral.
  5. Simplified transactions as a result of having your cheque book.
  6. Access to variety of bank products e.g. credit facilities, mobile banking and money transfers.
  7. You will be looked after, at all times with personalized service from a dedicated MKCB officer.

What you need to have MKCB Current Account?

Personal Account

  1. Valid identification document of account signatory.
  2. 2 coloured Passport size photographs for the account signatory.
  3. Permanent address which shall be verified by obtaining either letter of introduction from local Government authorities, utility bill like TANESCO bills, water bill, LUKU, property tax receipt or land rent receipt.

* Terms and condition apply

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