These are markets that provide short term liquidity, in which the assets transacted have maturities ranging from a day to a year, and are normally easily convertible into cash. Money markets instruments that MKCB trades in include interbank placements/deposits, Treasury bills, Repurchase Agreements (repos) and Reverse Repos.

Government Securities

  • Primary Market

    MKCB is a licensed Central Depository Participant of Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds. As such, MKCB can invest in these Government Securities on its own account and on behalf of customers.

  • Secondary Market

    Secondary bond market involves trading of previously issued bonds amongst banks, customers, institutions and organizations. MKCB actively participates in this market in alignment of its liquidity and investment objectives.

Fixed Deposits

Fixed deposits accounts are investments accounts in which funds are deposited for a specific period of time at an agreed rate. MKCB offers flexible and fixed term deposit accounts where interest payments are paid periodically and on maturity, respectively

This transaction involves buying or selling foreign currencies, with two business days between the deal and the settlement date. MKCB Treasury also offers deals with same day or next day value dates. We also cater for cash foreign exchange transactions for Walk-In Customers (non-account holders). We deal with all major currencies. Our international payments services offer the fastest and safest SWIFT and TISS services, for both inward and outward telegraphic transfers for all major currencies.

Forward Foreign Exchange Contracts

  • Forward foreign exchange contracts allow customers agree to buy or sell one currency against another at a date more than two days from the deal date, at a predetermined price.
  • The prevailing spot exchange rate and interest rates are taken into consideration to determine the forward rate.
  • Benefits: You can hedge against the negative impact of exchange rate and interest rate fluctuations by agreeing with the bank in advance to fix a future rate today.
  • With the fixed exchange rate, companies are able to plan and project cash flows for accurate budgeting. Delivery dates are customized to suit your business needs.

Foreign Exchange Swaps

  • FX Swaps allow customers to exchange two currencies at an agreed rate on a specified value date, and at a later date do the opposite of this transaction at a pre-agreed rate
  • This gives flexibility to corporates to optimize the use of cash flows of different currencies

Interbank Foreign Exchange Services

Market Making

MKCB provides liquidity by quoting competitive two-way quotes in the spot and derivative interbank market.

Secondary-Party Payments

MKCB facilitates payments between international and local counterparties at competitive quotes.

Market Intelligence

  • MKCB Treasury sends daily bulletins on global financial markets, giving you vast market intelligence, i.e., currencies trends, interest rate trends, global commodities prices and necessary information to enable companies to make the best decisions related to the financial markets.
  • MKCB also issues a quarterly Market Digest, covering pertinent financial markets analysis, news, data, and trends