Loans extended to SMEs and Corporates engaged in profitable business activities in a variety of sectors including trade and commerce, transport, communication, industry/manufacturing, agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries and crop finance, Government sector, building and construction and service sector. The loans can be used to finance working capital, acquisition of business assets and infrastructural development.

What Business Loan offers you?

  1. Flexible repayment plans.
  2. Affordable and attractive interest rates.
  3. Faster and easy way to access business funds.
  4. Supports growth and development of entrepreneurs.
  5. You’ll be looked after, at all time, with personalized service from a dedicated loan officer.

Loan offered to salaried employees of reputable organizations and /or companies whose mode of salary payment is through monthly remittance of net salary by the employer to the borrower’s salary account held at MKCB. The product requires an agreement between your employer and MKCB. Once this is in place, you can easily apply for a loan to purchase household assets, finance incidental expenses like school fees and any other family obligations.

What Salaried Loan offers you?

  1. No collateral/mortgage.
  2. Faster processing speed.
  3. Affordable interest rate.
  4. No restriction on the purpose of loan.
  5. Early liquidation is allowed and there is no penalty.
  6. The loan is insured against death and permanent disability.
  7. Monthly repayments remain unchanged even if your salary goes up.
  8. You‘ll be looked after, at all times with personalized service from a dedicated loan officer.
  9. Repayment period ranges from three months to 36 months giving a wider choice for a borrower to position his or her repayments frequency enabling client to have small and manageable repayment installments.

We are a solution to your immediate financial needs

Solidarity Group Loans target the natural persons whose income depends on their own business or economic activity, who may lack formal financial statements and other accounting and operational records, and who may lack physical securities. These Loans are intended to provide micro entrepreneurs with an opportunity for improving their standard of living.


  1. Compulsory savings.
  2. A group of 3-5 members.
  3. Pledge of personal assets.
  4. Pledge by members of the Centre.
  5. Pledge by members of the Core Group.
  6. There must be an on-going business activity.


  1. Affordable to micro entrepreneurs.
  2. Installments are by bi-weekly basis.
  3. Affordable to most low income earners.
  4. Borrowers and spouse have death insurance.
  5. Fast and easiest way to access business funds

Loans designed to provide partial finance to the purchase of production equipment.


  1. Flexible repayment plans.
  2. Affordable and attractive interest rates.

These are loans that allow immediate borrowing up to 80% of your savings.


  1. Fixed deposit or Savings account with MKCB.


  1. Faster processing speed.
  2. Offers greater financial flexibility.
  3. Available funds for emergency cash needs