Mkombozi Commercial Bank Plc (MKCB) started as an initiative of the Tanzania Episcopal Conference in 2009 to establish a Commercial Bank with the main objective of serving and supporting the emerging Tanzanian businesses for provision of financial services.

Mkombozi Commercial Bank’s target markets are small and medium sized entrepreneurs, companies, SACCOS, social enterprises such as schools, universities and corporations. MKCB serves the need of growing companies, middle-market and large corporations, institutional investors, financial institutions and government entities.

MCKB has (8) branches; four are located in Dar es Salaam (St Joseph’s branch, Msimbazi branch, Kariakoo branch and Tegeta Branch) and four branches are located in upcountry;  Mwanza opposite BOT, Moshi Branch is located at Upinde Street/Kibo Road, Christ the King Cathedral, Bukoba branch is located at Plot No. 190, Jamhuri Road, Opposite Police Station and Morogoro Branch located at Old Dar es Salaam Road Opposite Morogoro Referral Hospital- Bishop Adrian Mkoba Memorial Building Plot No. 118/1 & 118/2.

MKCB plans to build a branch network throughout Tanzania, The bank plans to open additional branches so as to continue enhancing affordability, accessibility and in line with our objective of increasing financial inclusion in the country. The additional branches will act be tool for trust building and enable customers to execute complex banking transactions which cannot be handled by mobile banking.

Our Vision

“To be a leading bank in addressing the growth needs of small and medium size enterprises through delivery of high quality and integrity banking services to a wide micro customer base and corporate enterprises”

Our Mission Statement

“To be a bank that will provide high quality financial services to all sectors and levels of the economy in a sustainable and socially responsible manner to meet stake holder’s expectations”

Our Core Values

  1. Maximizing shareholders value.
  2. Adhering to good corporate governance.
  3. Serving customers cordially with speed and efficiency.
  4. Applying the principle of flexibility and responsiveness.
  5. Inspiring pride and confidence among the general public.
  6. Delivering quality and distinguished products and services.
  7. Observing the highest level of ethics, integrity and honesty.
  8. Operating with prudence and in conformity with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Please visit or contact your nearest Mkombozi branch or you call us on our number – 0800 750 040 to learn more on what we can do for you