What you need to have Mwana Account?

  • Filled account opening form.
  • Child’s birth certificate or passport.
  • 2 coloured passport size photographs for the child.
  • Valid identification document of account signatory.
  • 2 coloured passport size photographs for the parent or guardian.
  • Physical evidence of premises e.g. Utility bills or tenancy agreement or letter of introduction from local Government authorities.

 The Foundation of their future starts now.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

What Mwana Account offers you?

  • No monthly maintenance fee.
  • Attractive higher interest rates.
  • Withdrawal limited to four times a year.
  • Maximum investment amount unlimited.
  • It helps teach children the importance of saving.
  • It is available on both local and foreign currencies.
  • Free standing orders to help you achieve your savings goals.
  • Deposit any amount through Mkombozi BankPlus or MKCB Branch.